NBA DFS Line-Up Building Strategies

Line-Up Factors

1. Minutes per game
Our recommendation page automatically tracks the last 7 days trending to see who is on an uptick
2. Pace
Our recommendation page breaks down each game match-up including pace, spread, over / under and implied total
3. Opponent defense versus position
Our analysis and recommendations look at each player's defensive match-up on the slate
4. Key injuries create opportunities
Our recommendations track key starter injuries or those that are resting to help you find players that are excellent value.
5. Pay up for the right players and positions / Find value plays so you can afford big names in great match-ups
Our analysis and recommendations analyze a player's price target value and their 7 day fantasy point trending average giving the players playing above value.
6. Be aware of back-to-backs.
This can impact players that may sit or not at their 100%. Our recommendations identify the teams playing on a back to back.
7. Who's hot
Our recommendations include a player's 7 day trending average so you can see who is playing at or above their value.

Sample Star/Scrub Line-up (01/06/20)

Name                 Price         FD Points

C. Sexton           $5,100            28.6

D. Garland         $4,500             15.0

D. Booker           $8,400            49.4

D. Brooks           $4,600             24.8

L. James           $10,900             51.3

M. Bridges         $4,000             33.5

A. Davis            $11,800             73.2

R. Covington      $5,700             33.8

A. Baynes           $4,900             20.3

Total                 $59,900          329.9

Using Our Recommendations

There are typically two approaches to building a line-up. 1) Star/Scrub or 2) Balanced Approach. Which way you go depends on the slate and the opportunity each night. Our model significantly narrows downs the slate to a few players at each position. When you see a lot of value players (under $5k) at each position that allows you to pay up for a few stars (players around $10k or more). A balanced approach makes sense when you see a lot of players in the $6k to $8k range

Balanced Line-up (01/07/20)

Name                  Price         FD Points

D. Fox                  $7,700             36.3

J. Murray             $7,000             39.0

D. Mitchell          $8,100             35.8

M. Smart            $4,900             33.9

J. Brown              $6,900             34.9

H. Barnes           $5,000             28.8

D. Theis              $4,300             27.4

D. Favors            $6,500             33.0

N. Jokic               $8,800             73.1

Total                 $59,200          342.2