NFL DFS Line-Up Building Strategies

Line-Up Factors

1. High Over/Under with low Spread

Our recommendations analyze each game match-up to determine the implied team scoring totals 

2. Opponent defense versus position
Our analysis and recommendations look at each player's positional defensive match-up on the slate and fantasy points allowed.

3. Team Strength/Opponent Weakness
Our recommendations analyze a team's pass/run offensive ranking against an opponent's pass/run defense ranking. The differential identifies teams that tend to pass or run and are in the most favorable match-ups based on their strengths.  

4. Injuries create opportunities
Our recommendations track key starter injuries to help you find players that are excellent value in good match-ups.

5. Opportunities

Our recommendations analyze a players total opportunities whether it be touches or targets. It's important to find players with high usage and a favorable game match-up

6. Defense

 Target a defense at home, favored their with the lowest opponent implied total. We also provide run/pass match-up analysis to identify teams that dominate their opponent. 

7. Stacking

Our recommendations help identify quarterback, wide receiver and tight end pairings in good match-ups. Pair a quarterback with at least one wide receiver or tight end. The thinking is that in order for the quarterback is to have a good game, the players he is going to throw to need to as well

8. Finding Value

Target value by taking the cheapest players against teams with the most fantasy points allowed by position. Our recommendations provide this data point. 

Line-up Approach (Week 10)

Name                 Price         FD Points

M. Stafford          $7,900            25.84

L. Bell                   $7,000            16.10

A. Ekeler              $6,500            11.30

K. Golladay         $7,600             21.20

T. Lockett            $7,500             33.70

J. Brown              $6,200               9.60

H. Henry             $6,400             11.90

M. Jones              $5,700             22.60

Buffalo                $5,000               8.00

Total                 $59,800          160.24

Using Our Recommendations

On FanDuel, it typically makes sense to pay up for QB, RB, WR and look for the best values at TE and D. The one point-per-reception and yardage bonuses on DraftKings play a huge factor in spending more on WR and using a WR as a flex.

Our model significantly narrows downs the slate to a few players at each position. You will be able to pair a high priced running back or wide receiver with a value play. You will also be able to identify combinations to stack and defenses to fit your budget.